Friday, May 11, 2012

Classroom Visitors

Earlier this week we were honored to have a couple of adorable classroom guests
...2 guinea pigs named Guinea and Molly.  They were so cute!

We learned about guinea pigs beforehand and I quickly put a smart board presentation together that included pictures and sounds that guinea pigs make. 

We laid an old sheet on the floor and made a circle. The guinea pigs were apprehensive at first (can you blame them?) but eventually warmed up and we had so much fun! We fed them strawberries, got to feel & smell the Timothy hay that they eat, and passed around a bag of their food. 

Of course, The guinea pigs' "presents" they left for us on the sheet were pretty amusing to my first-graders, as you can imagine!

Molly & Guinea...honorary first graders for the day!

It was a perfect activity for the last days of school!


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