Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just keep swimming...just keep swimming....

Holy moly, today was a rough one!

Could it be because our school just finished taking their last OAA test?

Could it be because our field trip to the planetarium is on Friday?

Could it be because it was nearly 85 degrees today?

Could it be because there is only 11 days of school left in this year?

I'm thinking it's a combination of all of these things...and I need some ibuprofen...STAT!

All in all, I'm taking the end of the year in stride. Yes, I have so many assessments to do before next Friday. Yes, I haven't even begun to organize things for our Mother's day projects we'll be doing next week. BUT, it's okay.  I'm healthy, the kids are happy, and like I said, there's 11 school days left! I can do this!

Anyone else having a crazy end of the year already?



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