Thursday, May 10, 2012

On my summer vacation...

My students are always amazed to find out that I am a person outside of the classroom.

When I see them at Walmart or the grocery store, they can't believe that I'm not at school!

Fortunately, I DO have a life outside of the classroom! My hobbies allow me to relax, unwind, and occasionally exhibit a little creativity & craftiness. 

This summer, I'm excited to do more cooking- specifically, trying some fantastic recipes I've been pinning on Pinterest! As you can see, I also love to take pictures of the food I cook! As a kid, I liked to read cookbooks for fun, and still do, so my foodie-ness has definitely followed me into adulthood! 

"crack" bread. Amazing! I brought this to Easter and it was gone in minutes!

Homemade spring rolls...yum!

I love lemons.

These were the first kebabs of the season! Many more to follow!

I made chicken-taco soup earlier this week. These beauties were tasty!

What can I say, I love to cook!

I also enjoy gardening! My Mom has a fantastic green thumb and I frequently come to her for advice or suggestions. I have lots to learn. I went to the greenhouse on Sunday and brought back 3 flats of flowers and some hanging ferns. At least my porch & deck aren't so bare, now. My Mom and I are actually heading BACK to the greenhouse this afternoon after school. Round 2...ding, ding, ding! 

My best friend and I had a successful trip to the greenhouse last weekend!

Can't wait until this grows in! This is the third summer for this garden chair & it's holding up pretty well!

This little succulent will be perfect in my terrarium!

I love the red & yellow together! My best friend Cassie has an eye for flowers, too!

A pretty pansy. It's leaves are kind of curly!

Pansies were $0.75 a pack! How could I resist?

I also enjoy photography! I've become somewhat of the "family photographer", a title I love! I recently purchased a Nikon D5000 and am excited to learn more about DSLR cameras. 

I also really like the camera on my iPhone 4S! I frequently use Instagram to add a little life to my photos. Here's a sunset shot I took last night:

Only 6 more days until summer vacation! I'm SO ready!

What are YOUR plans?


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