Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What to do with all those leftover crayons

In my first-grade classroom, I use community crayon boxes on tables. As a result, I have an abundance of leftover, used, crayons at the end of the year. Last summer, I remembered a project my Mom used to do with me when I was little. 


These new little beauties will be the hit of your classroom next year!

What you need to do:

This is a good time of year to collect old crayons and have your students help you peel them. My students got the biggest thrill out of helping me work on a special project. 

After they've been peeled, I break them into pieces, approximately 1 inch or so. 

They'll look like this:

I found a heart-shaped silicone mold at Target on spring break, but you can use an old muffin tin, too. Warning: the crayons tend to stain the tin, I would use an old tin for this purpose.

Be creative!

Fill your mold or tin with crayons. Use different colors, or use all of one color. Last year, I  made various shades of colors that looked really cool!

When you're ready- stick them in a 200 degree oven for 5 or 10 minutes, or until they melt. It's fun to keep checking on them and see them meld together. I also scattered some gold & silver pieces throughout, which looked really neat. I even sprinkled some fine glitter on some, which made for sparkly crayons! Like I said, get creative!
When they're done, allow them to cool. I stuck mine in the freezer because I was so darn impatient! Be sure to keep them on a cookie sheet if you're using silicone since it's so flexible. You don't want hot crayons on your stove, or kitchen floor.

When they're cool, pop them out & have some fun! I gave these to my kids as Valentine's day presents this year. They loved them! 


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