Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Ohiopyle Adventure

Good Morning, All! 

While I've been on my school-summer vacation well over a month now, last week marked the first official days of summer! Living in Southeastern, Ohio, I have parts of West Virginia and Pennsylvania easily within short driving distances. There are so many fantastic outdoor resources and activities for those who are willing to travel a small ways. On Father's day, my husband's family and I went hiking at  Ohiopyle State Park in Stewart Township, PA. For me, it's about a 3 hour drive to the park, although I did see a few roadside attractions I'd like to stop at next time :)

The ride from Ohio is gorgeous, especially when the mountains come in to view! We hiked Cucumber Falls & the Ferncliff Trail. There are even natural waterslides at this park! 

If you're thinking about planning a trip (we're doing an entire weekend in the fall)-
here are some helpful resources:

Part of the bike/hike path. Tremendous view!   

Our hiking trail led us right near the water so we could catch glimpses of rafters and kayakers.

Everyone needs a little bit of this in their lives once in a while :)
above photos:

Even though the temperature was in the upper-80's, a nice shady hike was super comfortable!

Nothing like having the beautiful sounds of nature interrupted by the yelps and laughs from rafters and kayakers heading towards the falls.

We just missed some folks heading over the falls.

There were tons of people just laying out on the rocks. Fishing, sunning, splashing. Pretty wonderful.

We hiked around 5 miles that day over the span of a few hours. Afterwards, we drove to Confluence, PA to the Lucky Dog Cafe. We had Kylee the black lab with us and dogs are welcome to sit on the outdoor patios while you eat. Perfect! I had a Greek wrap (hummus, feta, tapenade, sprouts, tomato, cucumber, lettuce) & house-made potato good! They've got a decent beer selection, too!

We can't wait for our next trip!

What kind of adventures are YOU taking this summer?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Phun in the sun & Duct tape may be my new obsession!

Hello Blogland!

Wow! Summer is speeding by so quickly! Luckily, I'm managing to sneak lots of fun in between planning for next year's curriculum! In the last few weeks I've been hiking in Pennsylvania (I'll have a separate blog post), soaked up lots of rays poolside, and just spent three days traveling through OH and PA following our favorite band, Phish. Oh my goodness, did we have a good time! 

The venue in Cincinnati (Riverbend) was fake grass! So strange! At least my feet were clean & soft after a night of boogy-ing!

Aaaah! After the sun went down things were wonderful!

Traffic in Burgettstown, PA
Now that we're back to reality (*tear, *sniff) and my new blog design is finished & installed (yippee!) I'm ready to start posting regularly again! I did a project recently with duct tape that I'm in love with! I'm covering clipboards from the dollar store & they're turning out so cute! I may just have to make one for everyone in my class next year!

 It's so easy! I got the idea from The Classroom DIY blog. I picked up some boring, brown clipboards from the Dollar Tree and grabbed some funky duct tape from Wal-Mart. The first clipboard I did was not my best, which is sometimes the norm with any craft I'm attempting for the first time. That's okay.

It's pretty simple: all you do is cover your clipboard with duct tape. You can go horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. I kept it horizontal because I figured that would be the best way to get around the clip-thing at the top. Solid-colored tape is easier if you're picky and want things to line up perfectly. It was kind of tricky getting my mustaches aligned (my best friend and I are in love with mustaches on things). The blue & yellow board was really easy!

I figure this project cost about a dollar and MAYBE 25 cents to make. I don't think I used a quarter's worth of tape. Head to the dollar store, pick up some clipboards & try this out for yourself!

I went on somewhat of a crafting binge a couple of weeks ago at Hobby Lobby & the Dollar Store


My first board. It bugs me that the patterns don't line up. I think I'm pickier than I think I am :)

Teal & Yellow- front


My favorite so far, my mustache clip board!

back of mustache board
Keep checking  back for new posts! Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Exciting blog news & some cute little distractions!

Hi Everyone!

I'm so excited to announce that I'll have a new, souped-up blog, soon!  Leah at Cutsie Blog Designs is creating a new blog design for me that will be awesome! I will be able to separate and organize posts about school, foodie-stuff, photography, and crafts. I'm thrilled! Hopefully by the end of the month it will be in place! I can't wait to see it!

Also: I have registered my domain name! You can now find this blog at instead of the previous URL, which was  Exciting stuff! :)

I spent four days last week taking care of my 2 1/2 year old nephew, Ian and 2 days watching my friend's son, Jackson, who is about 6 months old. Oh my goodness, we had so much fun! Unfortunately, as any of you with small kiddos know, it's pretty hard to get crafty (or post blogs) when they're here!

I'm glad I was able to take some photos while they were here! They both go to the same sitter, who was on vacation, so they're already buddies!

Ian and Jackson. So much fun!

Ian was such a great helper!

Trying on "Cici's" shoes (that's me)

Jackson was such a sweet, easy baby to care for!
Ian accompanied me on a couple of shopping excursions this week, one of which was Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Store. I'm hoping to get crafty next week! I have a BUNCH of things to make for my classroom! 

Teacher friends: if you haven't checked out Classroom DIY yet, please do! It's filled with projects to make for our rooms! I'm going to work on pretty-ing up some boring clipboards, making my own "phonics phones" and getting started on my polka-dotted themed decor. Oh, I'm also going to attempt to make my own dry-erase board to hang in my room. I'm in the "1989" addition of our school that doesn't have whiteboards. No worries, I can make one myself! 

Okay everyone! I'm headed to Columbus with the hubs to look for hiking boots! We're going hiking in Pennsylvania next weekend for Father's Day with his family. 

Have a great weekend! What are you doing?


Friday, June 1, 2012

Let's All Go to the Drive-In!

Last week, on a whim, the Hubs & I decided to FINALLY visit the Drive-In movie theater! We must have had a ton of fun on the lake on Sunday- because we slept on and off most of Monday! :) That afternoon, we decided to head about 40 minutes north to Strasburg, Ohio to the Lynn Drive-In to see The Avengers (which was great!) and Dark Shadows (we went home after the first flick- Billy did have to work in the morning). 

Now, had we planned this trip a bit more carefully, we would have planned for dinner at Hog Heaven, also in Strasburg, which is one of our favorite bar-b-que restaurants. They have a dessert called the "Hog Log" that involves deep-frying cheesecake in a tortilla & covering said fried-ridiculousness with chocolate syrup, strawberries, whipped cream, and possibly a little magical dust. It's stupid-good. Next time we'll do that for sure.

We rolled up around 8:30. This place is really neat! You choose one set of two movies to watch for the evening. You steer your car towards one screen, hopefully park near a working speaker (although you can also tune in your car's radio to hear, too), lay out your blankets & lawn chairs, grab your snacks, and settle in for a double feature!

Even the snack room is a blast from the past with old arcade games. Billy swears he saw some guys arm-wrestling in there, but I'm not so sure...haha.

I managed to take a few pictures while we were there:

I love the old-timey-ness of it all! Billy decided the last movie he saw at the Drive-In was E.T!

It was nice that night. Not a million people.

The projector room

If you're near this part of the world- you should check it out!

$6 a person for 2 movies- an affordable (late) night out!

The next time we go we will definitely stay for both movies! 

On a completely unrelated-yet-precious note: look what I found in a fern on my front porch!

What I think are the parents are keeping a close eye on the nest and are flying away every time I pass the front door or step out on the porch. I can't wait to see them when they hatch! I love all the random materials they make their nests out of. 

Is that some Easter grass in there?

Happy Weekend, Everyone!