Wednesday, July 4, 2012

DIY Workout Tank from Old T-Shirt

Pinterest strikes again! I've been meaning to do this project for awhile, and our 100+ degree heat indices the last few days have had me hiding from the heat & wanting to create!

The pin I followed for this project was super-easy. 

My materials were:

an old t-shirt (next time I'm using 1 size larger than I usually wear) 
This is a good opportunity to recycle those weird-fitting t-shirts 
or some of your boyfriend/husband's t-shirts too :)
Chalk (for marking shirt)

First, I laid out my shirt & made my chalk marks for cutting.

The next time I do this I'm going to cut the neck a little wider.

Cut those pieces out.

The long piece at the bottom will be used to "tie up" the back of your shirt. Cut this piece anywhere to make one long rope of fabric. Put the other pieces to the side.

Next, flip your tank over. Draw a deep V in the back of the shirt. This will create the back straps of the tank. I tried to line up the bottom of the V with the arm holes.

Next, you will wrap & tie the back straps together with the long piece from the bottom. I had to do this a couple of times to find a good spot that wouldn't make the tank look goofy. For me, a lower-tie looks best. I wrapped & tied the back straps & tucked the ends under. For longevity, I might consider a couple of stitches just to reinforce.

Can you see it? I should have tried on a non-black shirt.
You're almost finished! Fold your tank sideways and mark a line to make a tank that is longer in the front.

THAT'S IT! You may want to make some minor adjustments with the scissors for a better fit.

This was a fun, quick, project! I'd like to make a few more, possibly using different shirt's bottom-strips to tie up tanks of contrasting colors.Fun! I'm also secretly hoping that creating lots of new workout tees will inspire me to do lots of workouts!

Does  Pinterest inspire you to create? What have you made?

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