Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas Field Trip & Christmas Literacy Pack!

I've tried to resist it and just enjoy the last weeks of fall...but it's inevitable....Christmas is coming!

Yesterday my class took a field trip less than a mile away to learn about the Dicken's Victorian Village that has overtaken our downtown.  It is really neat. Mannequin displays portray scenes from the Victorian era in which Charles Dickens lived and became inspired to write "A Christmas Carol". Read the story of the Dicken's Victorian Village here.

 What's really cool is that beginning this year, local students have been invited to tour this charming village and learn about the history of the world in the times of Charles Dickens.

Dickens representatives brought us a bag of books, lesson plans, activity sheets, a movie, and a CD of Christmas music to be used in the weeks before our trip. There were 2 pop-up  books that were very exciting to my first-graders. We learned about jobs such as town crier and a chimney sweep. I was so proud of them when they could answer our guide's questions!

After our walking tour, we gathered together to learn about the games, songs, and toys that kept Victorian era children entertained. After we returned back to school I saw students playing "London Bridge" on the playground! We also learned about how these displays are put together. 

The display keeps growing each year and our little downtown is really thriving in the commerce! Not to mention that is really IS a charming place to be during the holidays! 

 We also have another holiday attraction...a musical, light-up courthouse show! It's great! You can listen to the music through your car stereo or get our and enjoy the show directly from the courthouse lawn. It's not uncommon to see little kids dancing to their favorite Christmas songs! 

Check out the light show HERE I said...whether I want to face it or not...Christmas is coming...and I may as well greet it with a smile! I've been working on my Christmas Literacy Activities Pack and finally finished it this morning!

Stop by Teachers Pay Teachers and pick it up!

Are you getting into the spirit of the season yet? 

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