Friday, January 18, 2013

Pizzza, Donuts, & a Valentine's day freebie!

Hi, All!
Where have the last couple of weeks gone?
I can’t believe that January seems to be passing me by! Even though I can’t really tell yet, it just FEELS good to know that the days are getting a bit longer and that each day we are creeeeeeeping ever so slowly towards springtime. It’s out therefar awaybut getting closer.
It’s the little stuff.

I’m happy to report that I survived (haha) a bout with some strep-throat yuckiness a couple of weeks ago!  I HATE getting ready for a subespecially when I’m sick. My kiddos were good, thank goodness, and other than taking a couple of days to catch up when I returned, things are back to normal.

Our class celebrated a fun award- we were the winners of a holiday change drive & got our choice of a donut or pizza party.

Of course, we voted on it!

Donuts were the clear winners! 
What would your students or kids choose? I think that since they have pizza once a week at school, and at home, too, they chose the donut route. It was a perfect mid-week treat!  

I kind of forgot that I made this class Valentine's day book a couple of weeks ago. I found a couple of old class books and have been showing them to my students...they're so excited to make one of their own. 
I'm glad I did find it though, because it's perfect for today's FREEBIE FRIDAY event at Teaching Blog Addict.

I am in LOVE with the glittery backgrounds I found on Etsy! Check them out here!
They come in a rainbow of colors & I can't wait to make some more fun stuff with them!

I hope to catch up on some blog posts this long weekend- at least that's the plan!

Have a great weekend, everyone!