Saturday, March 2, 2013

It's Currently Time...March Edition!

Hey, Hey, Hey!

I think this is the first 4:30 a.m. blog post for me. My sleeping schedule is SO messed up!

But seriously, I can't believe it's March!

Here's Farley's Currently for this month!

Like I said, it's 4:30 in the morning. Thank goodness for DVR because there is NOTHING on t.v. at that hour! Usually I come home from school, unwind, and watch Jimmy Fallon from the night before. He cracks me up. He's got one of the best jobs in the world!

I had my stinkin' wisdom teeth out on Thursday. I was SO SO SO nervous, but it wasn't bad at all! I.V. sedation is so wonderful! I hope I'm not speaking prematurely, but the recovery process is going much better than I anticipated. These foods have been my best buds for the last couple of days. My hubby was FANTASTIC about picking up all the yummy, soft, cold foods he could find at the grocery store. 

My SWEET teaching partner made me a little gift of magazines & pudding before I got my wizzies (hehe) out. In the bag was the newest Better Homes & Gardens magazine with lots of ideas for planting flowers. As I chilled out on the couch and watched it flurry all day, I caught myself opening that magazine to those flowery pages. I am DREAMING about greenhouses, potting soil & beautiful blooms!

It's that time of year. Our 3rd nine week grading period ends in 2 weeks. I have SO much to do! Benchmarking, testing the new student I got YESTERDAY WHEN I WAS OUT (Yikes), pacing assessments, state diagnostic testing, field-trip planning, etc. Once spring  gets here, things go in to HYPERDRIVE until the end of the year. I'm trying to be organized, strategic, and productive through it all!

I miss my sister! She lives a couple of hours away and works most weekends. I don't think I've seen her since Christmas! She is wonderful. She lets me "mother" her, even though I know it drives her nuts, cracks me up with a brand of silliness that can ONLY come from someone I'm related to, and amazes me with her patience. She's a SUPERFLY sister!

Like, Love, Hate:

Oh, Downton Abbey. After hearing about this show, of course, it took me awhile to catch on. I was showing my Mom how to install Netflix on her iPad and started watching the first episode...that was all it took. I won't's been nice to have this time off for my wisdom teeth...I'm catching up on D.A!

Did you catch Alabama Shakes on SNL a couple of weeks ago? I hadn't seen them before that and I was like "Whoa"! They're SO good! I've been listening to their new album in the mornings at school and I get kind of sad when the kiddos arrive and I have to turn my music off. I could work for hours like that!

Don't get me wrong. I've worked in sales before. I know how it works.
But really? When I am calling your company to CANCEL my services (whether it be a book subscription, site membership, or utility)....YES, I am SURE that I want to cancel. 
I called YOU, remember? 
Sometimes you can't even get OFF the phone with these people until they have basically BEGGED you to stay and had to tell them 10 times that it's over.
It's like a bad break-up.
It drives me CRAZY!

Well, that's it for now! Since it's now 5 a.m. and I should just probably STAY UP, I might as well start some laundry or something. Here's to a great first weekend in March!