Friday, May 17, 2013

An "I'm Almost Free" Five for Friday

Oy! What a week!
As of today there's only 4 days left of school! Aaaaand....
some of my blogging buddies are OUT already! Wooo!
Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job.
I truly ADORE my kiddos, and the thought of not seeing them and hearing their stories every day makes me kind of weepy.
But FOR GOODNESS' SAKE, I am ready for summer vacation this year! 

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five For Friday linky!

Here's what's been going on in my little corner of the world:

1. I'm glad to say that my end-of-the-year assessments are DONE! (Giving air high-fives about that!) I'm not sure how many more times I could have heard about koalas and their babies! I've gotta say, my kiddos' behavior was FANTASTIC while I was testing! I got out a bunch of old math centers, big books, and math manipulatives and let them switch activities every 15 minutes. Other than the occasional "It's MY turn!" or "He's cheating!", they did a nice job. We also had lots of fun brain-breaks! (See photo below)

2. How am I JUST learning about how to play Just Dance videos through my Smartboard via Pinterest? 
best.thing.since.sliced.bread. For real!
With 22 first-graders who have end-of-the-year wiggles and a teacher with a never-ending to-do list & assessments to give, it's been a life saver!
*Bonus: The Super Mario Bros. song reminds me of our first Nintendo system, which brings back happy memories, and compared to other kids' stuff, it's not a bad tune to have in your head all day :)

3. Our alphabet countdown has been a BIG hit! 
This week we had:
R: Rotate and Read (Opportunity to read with 3 different partners)
S: Summer Birthday Celebration
T: Tootsie Roll Hunt (photo above)
U: Uplift Someone
V:Kid-friendly Video

My plan was to hide 100 Tootsie Rolls, but I had 21 kids that day so they found 105 (everyone got 5). Before they could eat them, they had to count them as a class. It was nice to hear them count so quickly and fluently. That certainly wasn't happening at the beginning of the year!

4. This gorgeous iris is one of many that are blooming in my yard. Love those perennial beauties!
I'm anxiously awaiting to wrap up my school year so I can get my hands in the dirt! Last year we had that freakishly warm & weird winter. I don't recall the iris' ever coming up- just the leaves. Seems like every day there's something new popping up. Love, love, love me some SPRING!

5. Have you heard of PB2?
It's REALLY tasty powdered peanut butter with 1.5 grams of fat & 45 calories per 2 tbsp! I'd read about it on some blogs & gave it a shot- I'm so glad I did!  You can reconstitute it with water & it's really good! I've been eating it reconstituted with celery, pretzels, and/or powdered in smoothies. SO yummy! They have a chocolate peanut butter flavor too! Check it out! (I got mine on Amazon)

My teaching-pal, Karen tried some too, and shared this great smoothie recipe:
2 bananas
2 tpsp. chia seeds
crushed ice
almond milk
2 tbsp. PB2

Blend & enjoy!
 That was my week- how was yours?
Hope everyone has a SUPERFLY weekend!