Sunday, May 19, 2013

Inspiration Nation :)

It's my last school-Sunday-night!
This time next week I'll be staying up late (well, maybe) and NOT worrying about lesson plans, alphabet countdown, or assessments. Bring THAT on!

Tonight I'm linking up with LaToya at Flying Into First Grade for her weekly Let's Get Acquainted Linky

This week's topic is about our blogging buddies. I get so much inspiration from fellow bloggers. I owe so many of my projects, materials, and ideas to fellow teacher-bloggers. Teachers are a special breed.
We can collaborate like NO OTHER! 

Here are two of my favorite teacher bloggers:

Primarily Au Some

Sarah and I went to the same college for our undergraduate degrees and through the course of our studies we became friends. We shared frustrations about student teaching & projects as well as celebrating successes in our classrooms. I was excited to learn that Sarah had recently started a blog & TPT store.
She just started a network of Teacher Made Freebies that is fantastic! Check it out!

2. Kimberley at First In Maine

While I don't know Kimberley personally, I like to follow her blog. The first thing that caught my eye was that she was from Maine. I grew up in Maine and the state & it's people hold a very special place in my heart.
I admire Kimberley's eagerness to learn & her love of reading.
Check out her blog. It's adorable!

Tonight I'm also linking up with Fifth in the Middle and their FANTASTIC link up of state blogs. I would love to be able to someday meet up with fellow Ohio bloggers like me.

Well, tomorrow is my school's city park day. We'll participate in kickball, basketball, cornhole & disc golf, water balloons, playground, complete with a cook-out lunch & ice cream sandwiches when we return to school! The weatherman forecasts 88 and feeling like mid-August.
We had a frost advisory last Monday.
Welcome to Ohio!
Have a great week, everyone!