Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's the VERY FIRST Wild, Wacky, Wonderful, Wednesday Link-up!

I'm hosting my FIRST linky party today & I'm pretty excited
It's Wild, Wacky, Wonderful, Wednesday! It's BOTH here on my blog, AND on INSTAGRAM (#wwww)
It's a linky party in which you can share the wild, wacky, and/or wonderful happenings in your classroom and in your life. A mid-week reason to celebrate our every-day-is-different lives!

I'd love for you to link up, too!
Grab the image below, add it to your post, and then link up below!
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Here's what's been wild, wacky, and wonderful in my room this week:

Wild: Our butterflies finally hatched! We successfully nurtured 6 painted lady caterpillars into 6 beautiful butterflies! Here's a view of our butterfly box. What a great hands-on way to teach about life cycles. My first year, immediately upon releasing the first butterfly, a bird SWOOPED down and ate it!
In front of everyone.
Talk about a teachable moment.
That year, we also learned about the food chain. Hehehe.


My kids LOVE 3-D anything! The little boy on the left didn't have 3-D glasses so he went to my transparent shapes box, got out red & blue rectangles and made his own! Smart! 


As I mentioned, our field day was yesterday and it was fantastic! We went to stations where we played on the big playground, played kickball, played corn-hole & frisbee golf- we even had an AWESOME obstacle course! Our field-day committee worked really hard to provide our kids with a fun day and they delivered! After we returned to school we had ice cream sandwiches and watched a movie in the cool air conditioning. It was heavenly to walk into the quiet school after riding on the steamy buses, too! 

Those are just some of the wild, wacky, and wonderful happenings going on in my world.
How about yours?



  1. I'm totally going to link up next week. I need to think about it and take more pictures. Great idea!
    First Grade Hugs and High Fives

    1. That would be great, Meghan! Can't wait!

  2. Hi Alisha!
    Just came across your blog and this fun linky- hoping to link up this week (both here and on Instagram)! Excited to be a new follower and check out your other ideas. :)
    Learning to the Core


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