Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Early Morning May Currently

One of the consequences for falling asleep CRAZY early is that I'm up earlier than usual.
That's a good thing on days like today because I had time to create my May "Currently".
If you're not familiar with Farley's Currently linky you should check it out!
As she'd say: "It's THO much fun!"

Here's mine:

We've been sleeping with the windows open lately and the birds have woken us up almost every day. As I groggily roll over & try to go back to sleep I try to remind myself that spring is here and to be grateful for that...and then I get up and shut the window.

16 school days! Wheeeeee! We've got all kinds of fun stuff coming up to fill in those days! We're currently in the middle of our alphabet countdown (letter L day today: lollipops!), are heading to Marietta College's planetarium for our field trip next Friday, and have city park day, our school's "O.S.C.A.R" awards, and so much more! This time of year goes SO fast! I'm okay with that.

Now that my master's is over and school is wrapping up, I'm starting to make a game plan for summer projects. I've got a bunch of Pinterest-y ideas to do, closets that need overhauled, and plans to make my craft room/office even better! Can't wait to get started!

If you're in, or have been, in Ohio this week, it's been glorious! Plentiful sunshine, warm breezes, and the feeling that winter is OUTTA HERE for good. It's so nice. The recess monitors are keeping the kiddos out a few minutes longer, too. Everyone wins!

As I mentioned, we are doing an alphabet countdown to celebrate the last 26 days of school. This week we have had: Ice Pops (I), Joke day (J), Letters to Kindergarten (K), Lollipops (L) and Macaroni necklaces (M). It's been so fun to incorporate these activities into our days. I may or may not occasionally use these treats as a bargaining tool to keep them quiet, especially since it feels like all I've done is test (math diagnostic & DIBELS) for the last week or so. On tonight's agenda, coloring macaroni in fun neon colors (with food coloring and rubbing alcohol, mix in a gallon Ziploc, shake to cover, and spread out on paper towels to dry). 

Summer Bucket List:
1. My husband and I love adventure. We love the "off the beaten path" attractions we come across on our trips together. Usually by now I have some kind of idea of the summer fun we'll get into, but not this year. Our schedules are, for the most part, pretty blank. This means that there's room for FUN in there! Can't wait to see where this summer takes us! Hopefully somewhere we've never been, any suggestions?

2. My poor laptop. She's a little clunky compared to today's new models. She's kind of slow, but she gets the job done. I'm afraid that this summer she'll be retired. I need something faster that can keep up with all of my photos, music, and clip art files. Again, suggestions are welcomed!

3. If you're so inclined, say a prayer for us. We've been trying for a few years. Not giving up hope, though. That's just not an option.

And that's IT!
Making coffee now!
Have a great THURSDAY all!