Monday, June 3, 2013

Are You a Goal-Getter?

It's a cloudy Monday in SE Ohio and it's a little chilly compared to the weekend's weather. I think it's perfect for sitting on the front porch swing and getting lost in a book- which is what I plan to do this afternoon. 
Before I do, I'm linking up with Jess at I (heart) Recess for her monthly goals link up.

Personal: I've already kind of started this one! I'm getting lots of ideas & information from Pinterest & blogs. I'm trying my hardest to re-purpose stuff that I already have. I'm trying to do MORE with LESS.

Family: I'll tell ya, all of these vacation pics on Instagram are NOT helping me out here! I need to see the beach! I want to hear the waves & feel the sand. Maybe an anniversary trip is in the works? 

Health: I've slowly begun to get into a workout routine. The absence of school is helping that cause TREMENDOUSLY! I'm also trying to be a lot more conscious of what I'm eating. Again, Pinterest has a never-ending supply of ideas, recipes, and blogs to follow. So glad that summer in Ohio means fresh fruits & veggies. Ready for some sweet corn & homegrown tomatoes!

School: This will be the second year of teaching the common core. I feel like my plans from last year could use a re-vamp! Loved using thematic units last year. I'm also thinking of tweaking my behavior management system & getting some displays together. Of course, this is going to mean trips to Hobby Lobby...hehe!

Blog/TPT: I am running out of hard drive space on my computer. Granted, I also have a TON of music and photos! I'll be excited to move everything over onto an external drive & clean this mother OUT! I'm also SO ready to start creating for next year! I have some unit plans started as well as some freebie activities. 

Read: I'm taking my Kindle outside right after this post is finished. 
Cloudy days are just right for reading, don't you think?

What are your June goals?
Sending positive thoughts to EVERYONE!

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