Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fireflies & Five for Friday

It's becoming a fun weekend tradition to link up with Doodle Bugs for the Five for Friday linky!

1. Fireflies are back!
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I've been spending a lot of time on my porch swing lately. The other night, I finally saw my first fireflies jetting around the neighborhood. A certain sign that summer is almost here!

2. It's officially official!
Not that I had any doubt that I would receive it, but it feels good to have my degree in hand! 
Practicing teachers, I would recommend this master's program! Under 2 years, very accommodating with your school schedule, and once you get the hang of it, it's not that bad.
However, I'm glad that it's over!
Time to celebrate!

I was lucky to be able to spend 3 days with my favorite 3-year old this week! My nephew is a never-ending source of sweetness, silliness, and smiles! This photo was taken after I had gone to the kitchen to clean up after breakfast. When I came back, he was grinning suspiciously. I asked him, "Ian, what are you smiling about?", just as I noticed that he'd stuffed his ENTIRE blanket in his Batman pajama pants! He exploded with laughter and we cracked up for a good 10 minutes. Love him SO much!

4. I'm a winner!
A few weeks ago, Julie from First Grade Critter Cafe hosted a contest to win this SUPERFLY cool book about Ohio! It's autographed by the author and has lots of cool facts about our state as well as hidden pictures--and I WON IT! 
I got it in the mail yesterday with a sweet note from Julie. 
Love fun mail! Thanks, Julie! 

5. Warning, this picture might make you really hungry!

Do you love Chipotle's corn salsa as much as I do? Seriously, I sometimes just want to eat it with a spoon.
Searching Pinterest provided me with some great recipes. I did some tweaking and came up with a pret-ty darn good version of my own. Seriously, make this soon!

Corn & Black Bean Salsa

1 bag thawed sweet corn (or white corn)
by all means, use FRESH corn when it's in season!
1 can black beans, rinsed and drained.
1 jalapeno, seeded & minced
1/2 red onion, minced.
3/4 c. (I used 1 bunch) cilantro- chopped
juice from 2 limes
1/2 tsp. sea salt
1/2 tsp. freshly ground black pepper

Combine, let sit for a few hours, and ENJOY!

Happy Weekend, Everyone!


  1. Love your blog design and enjoyed reading your post! Just found you this morning through Five for Friday and am a new follower. Congrats on your Masters Degree and thank you for the wonderful recipe! I will be back to read future posts...

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

  2. Congratulations on getting your Masters Degree. That's a huge accomplishment and you should be proud! Woo hoo!

    1. Thanks, Corinna! Tooting my own horn this week! :)

  3. Congrats on finishing your Master's! That's a great accomplishment! I finish mine this summer! Can't wait!


    1. Thanks, Karen! It feels SO good to be finished! You're almost there- woohoo! :)

  4. Yum! That recipe sounds really good!!! I'm fasinated with fireflies. I have always lived on the west coast and have never seen one. Neat-o!!! Fun post!

    1. Hi Sandy, it is SO good! My husband has asked if we can just have it in the fridge at all times this summer!

  5. A new Chipotle was just opened in our town. Can't wait to make this recipe. Congratulations on your Master's Degree. Would love to have you stop by my blog.
    Primary Paradise

    1. Hi Tammy! I would LOVE to have a Chipotle in my town! I've heard rumors that this might be happening- fingers crossed! I'll definitely stop by your blog! :)

  6. Congrats on finishing your masters! I'd love to chat with you about it. I want to make sure I know what I am getting into before hand. That must be a great feeling!
    That salsa looks so yummy. I am so ready for fresh corn.
    My Second Sense

    1. Hi Tania,
      Absolutely! I can help to answer any questions you might have! I sure had a lot when I started the program! :)

  7. So excited to be your newest follower. This is my first time on your blog! I am also an Ohio blogger! So jealous of your book! Hope you can stop by!
    Curious Firsties

    1. Hi Em,
      Yay for Ohio bloggers! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Yum that salsa looks delicious!!

    Congratulations on your Master's and on winning that book! It looks really cute.

    Compassionate Teacher

    1. Thanks, Becky! It was really good! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. That salsa looks so good. Could you (or would you let me) link it up? I just starting a recipe swap linky last week. It's open all week and I'd love to have you join in!

    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road


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