Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hello, June!

It's June!
It's feeling a little more like summer every day. The official start of this month helps out too.
What are your plans for this month? My goals are to stick with my workout schedule, do some SERIOUS organizing at home, and start THINKING about next school year. 
I'll save the DOING part for July & August. 

I'm linking up with Farley for her super-fun Currently linky
To read her blog feels like you're talking to her in real-life.
Her enthusiasm is contagious!

Listening: Humidity is NOT my friend! Even early, especially after a little rain last night, it's already muggy out there! I'm going to enjoy my time in the cool before I head out to the yard.

Loving: That being said, I am LOVING all the sunshine! Reading a good book, on a blanket, in the sunshine is my idea of a PERFECT afternoon. 

Thinking: I've got new gardening gloves, my sunscreen ready, and a jug of ice water. Can't wait to pot up my containers & work on the yard. I was sneaky and mentioned to my Hubs that I would love his help out there today (he was half-asleep), he gave me a uh-huh, that means he said he'd help, right? 

Wanting: I've got some big ideas for some rooms of my house this summer. I'm ashamed to say that I have a box of clothes that were supposed to go to Goodwill LAST summer that are still in my closet! I'm going to do another closet purge & take them OUTTA THERE soon! I'm also on the lookout for some garage-sale shelves that I can paint & use for organizing my craft & office supplies. 

Needing: Ugh. I need a grocery shopping fairy!

Vaca Essentials: Camera: Duh. It's never far from my side. I love coming home and going through all the shots. Sandals are also a MUST! Depending on where we go, we will listen to the local radio stations. I remember making a playlist of the current songs that were playing during our honeymoon. Every time I listen to it it takes me back to the beach! 

Like I said, SUCH a fun link-up!

Oh! Don't forget that my 100 FOLLOWERS GIVEAWAY is still going on! I'll announce the winner of the TPT gift certificate on Tuesday. Good luck!