Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oh, Mr. Sandman....

Great. Now I've got THAT song in my head.

I should be sleeping but I'm WIDE awake.
This doesn't happen too often. 
Usually once I head to bed, it's "lights out" pretty quickly.

20 minutes ago I was in bed, watching Seinfeld reruns, & occasionally elbowing the Hubster as he snored his head off. 
No sleep for me, at least not anytime soon.
Looking on the bright side, I start thinking that I love the fact that if it's a Monday night and I'm not tired, I DON'T have to go to bed.
Downstairs I go.
I can catch up on DVR (there's not too much on there)
I can do some laundry (Umm, not tonight)
or I can work on my latest TPT creations & write a late-night blog post 
(ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!)
So here I am.

I'm excited to announce that I'm taking part in TWO celebratory giveaways by some great bloggers!

The first is at Tori's Teacher Tips. What a great blog! One of the prizes is that the winner gets any product from my TPT store! I'm hoping that by the time the giveaway is over I will have a couple of brand spankin' new items in there! 

The second is at Magic, Mistakes, and Mayhem! I just love this blog! 
It's out of New Zealand and it's really neat! I'm giving away my Camp Out Packet for this giveaway. 

Check these blogs out and while you're there, enter to win some great prizes!

On another, more creative note, I took my TPT earnings from last month and poured them into some new clip art, backgrounds, frames, and alphabets. I'm proud to say that I've purchased my FIRST Melonheadz bundle! (the kidlets bundle- so cute) In celebration of Nikki's BRAND-NEW Grandbaby, her TPT store was 20% off- perfect timing baby Nikson! While I may not be turning a big profit yet, I'm glad to see my work improving and my fan base growing. 
I'm hopeful that the future is BRIGHT (So bright, in fact, that I've gotta' wear shades!)

Okay, I'm off to work on a back-to-school project before I turn in again.
10-4 Roger, over and out!

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  1. Looking at the time you commented last night, I would say you win the late night award!! Guess what...the youngest slept till 8:00...that NEVER happens! I see a lot about Melonheadz...I think I need to check it out!
    Two Friends In First


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