Thursday, June 27, 2013

Some Throwback Thursday Action and my What's That? Wednesday Reveal

Good Morning!

I've got 2 things going on here today: first, I'm linking up with sweet Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade for her Throwback Thursday link up. LOVE this idea! Linking up an old post. As I look back through my earlier blog posts I sometimes think "Ugh. What was I thinking?" Hahaha. Such is the case with practically EVERYTHING I look back on (hairstyles, fashion, makeup (dark lipliner, nude lips, ack!)

I'll also be revealing my WHAT'S THAT? WEDNESDAY objects. 
You guys had some good guesses!

Let's get in the way-back machine, first!

Today's throwback post is from last fall.
I was eager to experience all that autumn had to offer.
Right now I can't even THINK about that kind of stuff!

September 30, 2012
It's Fall Y'all!

“Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile.”
-William Cullen Bryant

Last weekend we celebrated the first official week of fall with a Sunday afternoon hike at Salt Fork State Park. It was a beautiful afternoon and despite not feeling 100%, my husband decided to go, too. We also brought our 4-legged pal, Casey along for the hike. He's a bit hyper and can use all the tire-ing out we can give him!

We decided to hike the Stone House trail which runs beside the lake and eventually leads you to the Kennedy Stone House: a restored home in the park from the 1840's.

Salt Fork was built in the 1960's. Before that time, many families and farms resided on the land. When the park was built, many people's homes and properties were torn down or flooded to make room for the construction of Salt Fork lake. For a long time, the Kennedy house stood in serious disrepair. Fortunately, a local citizen began a coalition to revive and restore this home and it's now a popular tourist destination within the park. You can walk to the Stone House or drive. This time of year is great for walking the trail since the bugs are at a minimum and the lake views with the changing tree leaves are pretty fantastic.

While I was there I also got a tour of the inside of the home from the sweet docents working that afternoon.  It was so interesting to hear the stories and see the pictures of how the land used to look before the creation of the park. An old root cellar is still intact on the property, too.

A beautiful patchwork quilt.

The Kennedy family originally raised Merino sheep for their wool.

As we hiked I also got some neat panoramic shots with my iPhone. The new iOS update gave my phone's camera the option to take panoramic photos. I'm pretty impressed with my first attempts.

 On our hike back I saw a little trail that headed down through a little meadow and down by the water. Curiously, I followed the trail and found the NEATEST things!

Check out the bend in that little tree :)

Check out those weird pine tree roots! Why are they like that? I really want to know!

My thought is that they are usually under water. Maybe the roots, while underwater, grow towards the sun? 
C'mon science-y, nature-y pals! I need Bill Nye or Mr. Wizard to help me out with this!

Sometimes I forget that fun adventures can be had without straying too far from home. I'm excited to get out in the park this afternoon to see how the leaves have changed. Fortunately, there are more hiking trails to explore & today we'll take a different route. 

What are YOU doing to celebrate the season? It's my favorite time of the year!

*******Like I said, I can't even THINK about fall yet!*******


I started my first WTW linky yesterday and it was a lot of fun!

The plan is to post a picture or two (or three, or four) of something interesting and people guess what it is.
Just a little summer fun and as Ashley from First Grade Brain pointed out, 
That's not always easy to come by nowadays.

So, here are my mystery objects!

This batter (which was an egg mixture with cake flour sifted on top) turned out to be:

I've never made them before- they were delicious! I had fresh blueberries and made a quick sauce with some water and sugar (just boil & reduce a little bit). My husband, meanwhile, recited every line he could remember from Sasha Baron Cohen's role in Talladega Nights (the french guy). 
He cracks me up.

Next is this one. Many of you got this one correct:

It's a blanket! I got this fun, yellow chevron-striped throw blanket at T.J. Maxx this winter and it's my favorite thing to wrap up in with a good book (or show) on the couch. My dog, Casey, loves it, too!

This one was not too hard. I noticed it on my walk in the cemetery yesterday.

It's tree lichen! 

This last one was tricky! 
Sequins? Glitter? What could it be?

If you're in my family you know exactly what this is!
This is the "award" that we give out on Christmas to the best/most original gift idea.
Since we've become adults, the cousins in my family have done a name exchange at Christmas and have been given a money limit to spend. We try to find the most funny, original, ridiculous gifts and then we vote to see who had the best ideas.
This is the "trophy" you get to keep for a year if you win!
My husband actually snagged this one for us.
Atta' boy!

The linky is still open if you want in on the fun this week! 

As soon as it stops raining I'm heading out for my walk.
What are you doing today?


  1. Hi Alisha! I've been following you on instagram--i'm glad I found your blog. i love the What's that wednesday pics--i had not idea that was tree lichen! How do you get the Pinterest button to show up on your pics? I've seen it a lot and have not idea how it's done.
    I hope you stop by and visit my throwback post--and I'm having a great giveaway starting tomorrow and Erin Condren and a certain quiet pencil sharpener are involved!
    Tales of a First Grade Teacher

    1. Hey Jessica! I'm glad that you found me, too! Your blog is adorable and Miss Poly Gon? SO CUTE! I can't wait to use her to introduce geometry next year!

      I actually just added the Pinterest button this week! I saw it on some blogs & wanted it for myself! This is the tutorial that showed me how to do it- it was pretty easy!

      I'll definitely be back tomorrow for your giveaway- I'm your 280th follower! Woot!

  2. Very exciting finds! The pine tree roots look like little people. Great to show to kiddos!

    Kids Math Teacher


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