Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bye Bye July!


You guys. Tomorrow is August.
Many of you (me) may be asking yourselves "Where did my summer go?"

For me, June was kind of a frivolous month. The end of the school year and finishing my master's degree made the last weeks of school a crazy blur. June was for a little rest and relaxation. I caught up on a couple of house-projects, planted flowers, and purged a TON of paperwork out of my home office. 
June was sunny and full of possibility.

July made us try a little harder to enjoy those sweet summery days. (Well, if you're in Ohio you've enjoyed rain, extreme heat, rain, storms, more heat, rain, borderline chilly fall-temps, and probably more rain before this day is over.)  If you're like me you've been staying up late on weeknights. Sleeping in if you could and you wanted to. Covering the kitchen table with glitter and Mod Podge while you craft away for a Made it Monday project. Feeling no guilt in spending hours on the computer pouring through teaching blogs & getting ideas. Trying out Pinterest dinner recipes that have brought rave reviews & (one time) raised eyebrows (sorry about that weird chicken sauce, babe!)
 (which is sometimes at 2:30 because it's summer and there is FUN to be had)!

We've been watching back-to-school commercials since June. The displays at the grocery-superstores are already looking haggard and picked over. We've trekked to Michael's and Hobby Lobby to see signs of CHRISTMAS for crying out loud! We're doing mental countdowns of how many days are left and what we need to do/buy/make for our rooms this year. 

Mama-teachers, I don't know HOW you do it! Not only is there such TREMENDOUS work to be done to get OURSELVES ready to head back into the classroom, you're getting your sweet LITTLES ready to go, too! School supplies, clothes, backpacks, lunchboxes, hand sanitizer, everything! Big high-fives all around! 

For us, back to school signifies a time of new
New kids, new teachers, new strategies from the new teaching books you bought over the summer. 
Maybe you're teaching a new grade or have a student with a new set of challenges.
Maybe you're heading into uncharted waters by implementing the Common Core. Maybe you're starting the year with your very first classroom. I always get a little excited about the opportunity to start the new year so fresh and so clean clean! 

What is your favorite thing about going back to school? 

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