Friday, August 2, 2013

August Currently and Five for Friday

Well, hey there August!

The ushering-in of a new month and the fact that it's Friday means that it's time for 2 of my favorite linkies! Farley's "Currently" and Doodle Bug's "Five for Friday".

Farley's "Currently" linky is so much fun and I would LOVE to meet her in person! She seems so animated and FUN! She's definitely a teacher-blogger inspiration of mine!

If you've not ever linked up, why don't you try it this month? It's easy, I promise!
You just go to her post, save the blank Currently form on your computer. I open mine back up in Power Point (like a picture) and add text boxes to add my words. Save it as a .jpg when you're done and then you link up and post it! I love reading others' ideas as much as I like making up my own.

Here's my "Currently" for this month:

Listening: Love me some Pandora! When my iTunes playlists get boring, this is where I head. I've tried Spotify, but I think I like the surprise element that Pandora offers. I've discovered some favorite songs and artists this way! In my classroom, I love listening to the Laurie Berkner (children's) or Indie Kids stations. It's amazing how kiddos will just mellow out (and continue to work) when Jack Johnson is singing!

Loving: I can't fake creativity or the desire to get crafty. Either I feel like it or I don't. I'm actually that way about a lot of things! This week I made a couple of trips to hobby & craft stores and got some supplies. That was enough to get me in the creative mood! I "rescued" a wooden stool & rocking chair from my classroom and have BIG plans for their re-entry! I've been to the dollar store to pick up some ho-hum containers and baskets that will be getting a spray paint refinish. I've dismantled my dining room and turned it into B2S CRAFT STAGING AREA #1. (#2 is in the yard, with all the spray paint spots!) It feels good to have paint on my arms and in my hair. It's making me excited to get back into my room!

Thinking: While there are some definite first-day activities I'll be doing (like Daily Five intro and Whole Brain Teaching rules/routines), I am still in search of some fun stuff to make our first days together fun and exciting. What do you do in your classes? What books do you read?

Wanting: To do just that. Savor it. Enjoy the peace and the quiet. The hot sun on my shoulders at 1 pm and I'm not on recess duty. Yoga pants and ponytails ALL DAY. I want to enjoy it all. I want you to enjoy it too.

Needing: While none of these are actual "needs" I'm glad to report that I can't really think of anything I absolutely NEED. I'm glad and grateful for that! That said, I have been eyeing some new lunch bags on Etsy and think I may take the plunge this week!

Must-haves: 1. Patience. Duh. I have to remind myself that our students are ALWAYS like this at the beginning of the year. That they will WOW me with their growth (literal & figurative) in a few months. This is like the "before" picture of first grade. Take deep breaths, keep smiling, and carry on! 2. Positive attitude. Kids (for the most part) replicate what they see. If I'm SUPER excited about vowel sounds, they will be too! 3. An early bedtime. It's no joke, yo! Back to school makes me stupid-tired, stupid-early. There's no shame in 7:30 bedtimes here in a few weeks.


I also love linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday linky
Reporting on 5 things that happened over the week (or weeks, sometimes, depending on how long since I liked up). The linky went on hiatus for the month of July so I'm glad to see it's back in action! Here are my 5 for this week:

1. Yesterday was my anniversary! Four years ago I truly married my best friend. He's the funniest person I know and can always make me laugh and smile. He supports me 100% in whatever I do. Over the years, those endeavors have ranged from going back to school for my master's degree to restoring pieces of furniture on our dining room table (I'm doing that right now). To know him, truly, is to love him and I have no doubt that with him, is where I belong.

Going down memory lane for a bit with these shots from our wedding. What a day that was! We got married later in the afternoon so we had a reception of cocktails, appetizers, and TONS of dancing! It was PERFECT! Our photographers, Michelle Black and Jessica Price did such an amazing job on our photography. They perfectly captured those sweet moments! 

Dancing up a storm (and a sweat!)


Is this it? Are we married?

Seal the deal & kiss your bride! Poor Billy is tall & had to hunch over! :)

Our groomsmen, cracking up!

Our wedding photography was outstanding!
Michelle Black and Jessica Price

Unity sand  Michelle Black and Jessica Price

Together as let's have some FUN! Michelle Black and Jessica Price
2. As I mentioned, I am refinishing some furniture in my dining room right now! I brought my wooden stool & rocking chair home from my classroom and I'm in the process of revamping! Stay tuned for the finished products!

3. I have 11 days until I'm back to work. The 2 days before our official first work day will be spent learning about being a mentor! I'm excited to be mentoring my new first grade partner! Do any of you mentor new teachers? Any advice for a newb like me? How many days until you're heading back? Maybe you're back already! 

4. Okay, I'm about the cross over to the darkside...the Scentos darkside. Seriously, these markers are eluding me! I can't find them ANYWHERE! Actually, last night, after our anniversary dinner, I glanced across the restaurant parking lot and saw a Michael's craft store. "Sweet!" I thought. Maybe they'll have Scentos like I've been seeing! I was 10 kinds of bummed out when the store associate told me they were completely sold out. Arrrgh. You see, I don't have a Michael's less than an hour away. Boo on THAT! 
I'm about to solicit help from y'all and Paypal someone some fundage to snag me some & ship them to me in Ohio. Any takers? Puh-lease? I'm looking for chisel-tip markers, but I'm really not picky!

5. Finally, as I've done in the past, I'm including a fun recipe that I've made in the last week or so.
This is a favorite of my husband (and of mine, too).

Let me start by saying that I don't do mayo. At all. I don't know that I've EVER had a bite of "regular" potato salad. Heck, I didn't even eat sour cream 5 years ago (crazy, right?) I found this recipe for a super-good potato salad that's mayo-free and flavor-full. (It's superfly easy, too!)

Bacon-Cheddar-Ranch Potato Salad

6 or 7 (or more if you have a lot of people) potatoes. I like red-skinned potatoes or Yukon gold.
1 pint sour cream 
1 packet Hidden Valley Ranch dry seasoning
1/2 package of bacon (any style- we like pepper bacon)
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese.
Green onions or chives

Peel (or don't peel, I like peels's kind of rustic), chunk, and boil your potatoes. You know. when a fork pierces them easily they're done. Drain and let cool (you can speed this up my rinsing with cool water or ice-bathing real fast). 

While you're waiting for your potatoes to cool, dice up your bacon & cook til crispy. Drain & set aside.

Mix sour cream and ranch seasoning. Add the green onions or chives. 

Add your potatoes and bacon to your bowl. Add sour cream/ranch mix and cheese. Stir until combined. If it's too dry, add some bottled ranch or more sour cream. If it's too wet, make a few more potatoes. 

Seriously, this stuff is GOOD! Try it out!

Well, it's time to get this Friday started! Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. I love your B2S Must haves! I also said patience was key! Being a new teacher, I'm already going crazy! :D

    Love your blog! So cute!

  2. Hello. Early bedtime...that is going to be a struggle for me. Long breaks always get me out of routine. Your wedding photos are beautiful. Happy anniversary!

    First day of school I always read First Day Jitters, by Julie Danneberg. Last year we drank Jitter Juice and made a Jitter juice commercial. You can read about it on my blog if you like

    Have a great school year!

  3. I can't thank you enough for telling me how to do Currently. I saved mine on word because I didn't know what else to do. What do I do now? I blew it, huh? Help!!!
    Happy Anniversary. I married my best friend too. 27 years ago! Your wedding pictures are great.
    Yummy potato salad!

  4. Ah Scentos...I will check next time I go to Michaels and see if mine still has some. I'll let you know :)

    A Very Curious Class


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