Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord & Preparing for Teacher Week 13'

It's been a busy, almost-back-to-school week around here! All of the laziness and taking-my-sweet-time-ness of summer has gone by the wayside and has been traded for never ending to-do, to-make, and to-buy lists for heading back to school.

I'm linking up with Michelle at Fabulous in First for her Sunday Smorgasbord link up! 

I've been a craftin' fool lately! While I haven't bought a ton of stuff (which is remarkable for me), I have been repurposing things that I already have. A little paint, primer, and glitter can make a big difference!

A wooden stool got a little pizzaz!

Glittery clothespins that need thumbtacks, magnets, and student names/pictures. 

My favorite! The rocking chair I rescued from the side of the road. It got a total facelift and I'm in love!
My poor dining room is craft central! My husband will be glad to be able to eat at the table again once it's all cleaned up. I still have to paint those letters and a chipboard mustache (so fun!) and then I should be done...for now! I've also been spraypainting pencil holders, paper trays, and really, whatever else I can get my hands on! What have you been crafting for your classroom?

Check out my pumpkins! They're unintentional! Listen up kids, watch where you toss pumpkin guts when you carve Jack O'Lanterns. You just might get pumpkins the following summer. I'm excited to see how they grow! The stalks are HUGE! Grow accidental pumpkins, grow!

Let me just say that even though my mind is on back-to-school, I had the quintessential summer day yesterday! It started with a nice walk/run with an old friend. It was nice to work out & catch up! Then a friend and I headed out on the lake for a little kayaking. So fun! We ended the day with an evening on the lake that included midnight-meteor-watching from a pontoon. It was incredible! We saw SO many shooting stars! Viva La Summer! :)

And some news that made my week:

Yes! I won a $100 Erin Condren gift card this week through an Instagram contest! I could NOT believe it!
I bought a deluxe lunchbox set and a new 18-month life planner! Definitely splurges that I could NOT have justified in this month's budget. Woohoo for THAT!
I got the "Mad Morocco" theme. Love it already! What's nice about this is that I can order additional faceplates & change up the look when I get tired of this! Smart idea, Erin Condren!

I got the "Favorite Things" Life Planner. It was so fun coming up with my "favorites" list! I also ordered photo stickers! Now my friends & family get a picture with their face on as a birthday reminder in my planner! 
As you can see, it's been a busy & exciting week around here!

This coming week is SUPERFLY exciting because it's TEACHER WEEK '13 at Blog Hoppin'!
Click the picture below to read about the schedule and how to link up.

I'm going to schedule some blog posts so I don't get behind! I can't wait to link up and read my little teacher-heart out! Collaborating with you all is the reason all this work is worth it! Teachers, by nature, are sharers. We practice what we preach! I've gained ideas, friendships, support, and confidence through working with fellow teachers. I'm excited to find new blogs to follow, teachers to admire, and techniques to use in my classroom. Even if you're not a blogger, it will be worth checking out! Tomorrow is "Meet the Teacher" day. 
See you there!

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