Friday, September 6, 2013

Four Day Week Five for Friday

Actually, it was a three-day week for me. Last week I acquired some kind of nasty upper-respiratory/allergy/new-set-of-students-funk that's making it's way around our school. I was sniffling, coughing, and sounding like Marge Simpson's sister, Selma. It was NOT a pretty sight! I took a much-needed sick day on Tuesday and slept, sipped tea, slept, caught up on DVR, and slept. By Wednesday, I was feeling better although my voice was still pretty scritchy-scratchy. Nothing gets your students attention than a voice they're not used to! Even though the week was short, I left this afternoon feeling really good about where we're heading as a class.So good, in fact, that I'm going to TRY and stay up past 10:00 tonight AND write a blog post! Wild times around here! 
Linking up with Doodle Bugs for the Five for Friday linky sounds like a good way to spend my Friday evening! This is my last Friday of being a golf-league wife. I get my hubby back on Friday nights, soon! Woot!

1. Speaking of FIVES, the Daily Five is in it's early stages in my classroom! I usually do a modified version of this program in my classroom during our literacy block time. Eventually, students will be reading to self, working with words, working on writing, and listening to books on our chromebooks and iPads. Today we met our goal of 5 minutes of sustained reading during read to self time. 

There was a moment in which I just stood in that quiet room, surrounded by students on the floor, sprawled out on the carpet, and tucked into spaces that only six year olds can fit in. They were exploring new texts, decoding words, and giggling at silly illustrations. It was beautiful! 


2. I have some budding artists in my room this year! Last week their favorite subject was yours truly! I received little illustrations of me on my desk, chair, and on my computer keyboard. This week's hot topic is Monster High, whatever that is. I'm hoping that there's not a correlation between the way that they see me and a monster. I DO have that crazy voice this week, though. Ha!

3.  My new lunchbox and planner have arrived and like all things Erin Condren, I get happy just LOOKING at them! I also ordered the photo stickers to personalize birthdays & such. I especially love my Life Planner. It's the "favorite things" edition and I got to compile the list on the cover. Just a sampling of some of the things that make me smile. The lunchbox sets are adorable and as promised, clean up in a cinch! Word to the wise- don't microwave the lids..the stickers get funky! Maybe that's why you get 2 sets? That Erin, she thinks of everything! 

4.  I am possibly becoming an amateur pumpkin farmer. What started as a reasonable sized vine by the fence  in mid-summer has turned into a sprawling series of tendrils, stalks, and baby pumpkins. Those yellow flowers are HUGE and so beautiful when open! 
I'll honestly admit that I didn't even MEAN to grow these! Last fall I vaguely remember a purchased pumpkin sitting near that fence about 3 weeks past the time in which I should have chucked it into the woods or something. Apparently when we transferred the artist formerly known as that pumpkin into the trash, a few seeds were left behind. I'm crossing my fingers that The Great Pumpkin will emerge from the leaves. I DO have a day-before-Halloween birthday!

5. My friend posted this on Facebook this week and it cracks me up every time I see it!

Happy Friday!


  1. Those illustrations are great! You have very long eyelashes! :) Love the fact that you have random pumpkins growing, especially by accident!


  2. I am not using the Daily 5, but we are doing a TON of independent reading. I had the same *wow* feeling today, when I looked around and saw everyone 'loving' on their book - under tables, in corners, etc. It is SO neat to see our kids love reading!

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  3. I had moments of "yeah it's going well!" for the start of Daily 5. Love that! I hope you are feeling better. Hopefully you'll get some pumpkins for carving and baking with!


  4. Found your post on Five for Friday. Following! Smiles, Jayne
    Smart Kids
    ABCs of Reading


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