Friday, November 8, 2013

An "I'm Finally FREE" Five for Friday!

Who else had one of those "I know it was only five days but it felt like eight" kind of weeks?
It's been a pretty much universal feeling around our school over the last couple of days.
You can see it on our faces.
You can hear it in our voices.
I've had a couple of "If I don't laugh I"ll cry" moments myself. 
Thank goodness for Friday!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday.
Here's the HAPS on my little corner of the world:

1. Today was a day of excitement! We began our morning with our annual Veteran's Day assembly. 
Like every year, I teared up when the Veterans in the audience came up to the stage and we gave them a standing ovation. 
I beamed with pride when the first-graders sang their little hearts out to: You're a Grand Ol' Flag
I thought about Veterans I know and those I've never met.
I thought about my freedom and those who fight for it, every day.
I reminded kids to keep their flags out of their mouths and put their RIGHT hands over their hearts for the Pledge. We sang God Bless America and My Country Tis' Of Thee. 
A beautiful way to celebrate & remember such a special time.

2. We've been reading this book this week and my students are in LOVE! It's wonderful non-fiction and full of facts & pictures. In fact, we were so impressed with the leaf pages, we took off on an impromptu nature walk on the school grounds. We found maple, elm, beech, and willow leaves. We found helicopters & pine cones. We found holly! We found 2 different evergreen trees! I'm using ALL THE EXCLAMATION POINTS! because to my firsties, this was the most exciting thing that had ever happened in their lives!
It was unusually warm & windy out....a perfect recipe for excitement.
Sometimes I can't believe I get PAID for this job. So much fun!

3. Our class officially has a new favorite song: "Teach Me How to Read" from Harry Kindergarten Music. (Check it out on YouTube HERE)
My kiddos are NUTS about it! They all turn into little rappers when it's's crazy adorable. 
Plus, it doesn't drive me crazy....yet! 
What songs are your kids loving right now?

4. Queen Victoria came to our school today!
Well, obviously not the REAL Queen, but an actress who portrays her and who will be in our town all weekend for a Victorian-themed festival & series of events. *We have an impressive display of Victorian-era mannequins and decorations that cover our downtown for the Christmas season. (It's called the Dicken's Victorian Village- check it out here!)  
She arrived in a horse-drawn carriage.
She was announced by a guy in a big hat!
She had a Lady-in-waiting who assisted her.
We bowed & curtsied.
We ooh'd and ahhh'd!
It was pretty cool.

So much excitement! I heard a kid humming "Here comes the bride!" Haha!

She passed around Christmas ornaments that resembled those on her own tree. Pretty neat!

What a cool, cool experience for our kids!
5. Last weekend I was lucky enough to get to spend some time with my family. Any more, it's hard to get us all together in one place and it NOT be a national holiday. Dinner at my Mom & Dad's turned into an evening of cute babies, inquisitive four year-olds, fajitas, and lots of laughs.
My best friend (hey, Cass!) was there, too & snapped some shots of my nephews.
Aren't they adorable?
He calls me "CeCe". He had a million questions. I love him to pieces!

3 1/2 months and sweet as can be!
Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. WOW! Your week may have felt like 8 days long, but you certainly managed to fit a lot in! Last week went quick for me, which means this week will probably go sllllooooowwww…..

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