Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 2: HELPful Hints!

I'm back for Day 2 of the Blog Hoppin' Linky!

Today's topic is helpful hints and I have just a few little nuggets of advice from me to you.
I can't wait to read all of yours! I'm seriously taking notes! Ha! 

1. Don't forget to say "thank you" to the people who make your day easier!

Secretaries, nurses, paraprofessionals, custodians, cafeteria workers, maintenance staff, and IT staff are the ones that I turn to with problems ranging from "Why won't my Smartboard work?" to "Someone puked on the floor!" to "So-and-so forgot their lunch but says their Mom can bring it in."
I've come to realize that teachers can be an impatient bunch sometimes, and I'm sure I'm no exception!
I really am grateful for all that they do to help our school be a great place to be!
I know I couldn't do my job as well if we didn't have these people helping us.
Two words, "thank you" can mean a lot!
PLUS, who doesn't like to hear that they're appreciated?
Go on, spread the love today! :)

2. Keep an emergency stash of chocolate for "those days"! 
In my wing of the school, we know who to go to when we're in need of a little chocolate fix!
For me, it's usually after I've dropped the kids off at the playground for afternoon recess.
My energy starts to slump & I'm in need of a pick-up.
Yes, I know, I should be reporting about my super healthy snack of veggies & almonds.
Uh, no. Not at 2:15. 2:15 calls for chocolate!
There are few problems that cannot be helped by the addition of chocolate...of this I'm sure.
Get chu' some! Share it! Enjoy it!

3. Winter is coming! Get a good recess duty coat! 
Over the years, I've gone back & forth between a wool pea coat a shorter-length all-weather jacket to wear outside for the recess duties I have a couple of times each week. They kind of kept me warm, but I have memories of being really cold out there!
This year I've decided to take the plunge & get something more akin to a PARKA!
Standing outside, not running around, on days that are COLD (but not TOO cold to let those kiddos out), can be be kind of torturous! As a teacher I can totally see the merit in letting the students out for even 10 minutes, even if it's just to scream their little heads off.
We all know. They need that!
Hopefully I'll take my own advice & find the coat I'm looking for before winter hits!
My ideal coat is long, with a hood, and insulated. That way, whether I'm wearing a skirt & tights, or pants, I'll be warm & protected from the wind. Score!

I'm excited to read more tips & tricks from all of you!
Check back tomorrow when we'll be blogging about our favorite classroom activities and projects. 
I recently did a project for parent-teacher conferences that was a big hit. 
See me tomorrow for a how-to on "Student Silhouettes".