Friday, November 22, 2013

Five for Friday!

TGIF, Hallelujah, and Raise the Roof! It's Friday! 
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1. Yesterday I took an impromptu sick day. Wednesday night, around 3 in the morning, I was HIT in the gut with some kind of yucky stomach-thing. To make matters worse, my husband had it too. (To say the next few hours were terrible is an understatement.) 
While we spent the next day sleeping, complaining (getting sympathy from a spouse when they're ALSO sick is nearly impossible), and sleeping some more, I was thinking about my students and wondering how they were managing with the thrown-together plans I'd e-mailed to another teacher at 6 in the morning. Preparing for a PLANNED day off can be crazy, let alone plans you pull together from what you THINK is what you left on your desk. Oy!
When I returned this morning, I found this picture on my desk. Instant smile-maker.
When the kiddos came in for the morning I also received a red rose. Oooh, la la! :)
Hearing "I missed you, Mrs. Colon!" never got old. The hugs were warm & genuine.
It made my heart smile to know that they missed me. 

2. With minimal coaxing, my sweet husband left the warm confines of the couch after dinner on Tuesday night to drive me out in the country to see the Minotaur 1 rocket launch, which you could supposedly see in my Ohio skies. Out we drove, on dirt roads and highways, seeking the perfect spot with a south-easterly view of the sky. (The above photo is of the compass on my phone) I actually streamed video of the launchpad and listened to Mission Control and their various checks of equipment and whatnot as we drove. It felt so official. It was so much fun.
That is, until we DIDN'T see anything special. At least, not in the rocket-launch way.
Minutes passed, the rocket had launched, and even though several times, we THOUGHT we were seeing it, I don't think we ever did. (If you want to see some great shots from people who DID see it, click HERE)
We did, however, see a GORGEOUS moon that illuminated the sky with a buttery-colored light.
We saw stars upon stars upon stars.
We saw a red fox on our way home!
We saw the drive-through at DQ because star gazing makes us want ice cream!
Adventures like this, on Tuesday nights, are my favorite.

3. Does the desk fairy visit your classroom? 
You know, the fairy that comes in at night, hangs out with the hamster, and then visits student desks, looking for clean & tidy goings-on. If you're lucky, she'll leave you a litle note, a treat, and will even WRITE ON YOUR DESK in dry-erase marker! I wrote a little poem to go with the cards I leave on the desks:

I visited your desk last night and sat down in your seat.
I left a little treat for you because it's nice and neat!
The Desk Fairy

If you'd like a copy to use in your own room, click HERE!

4. I've been getting a lot of no-name papers lately. Somehow, I'd forgotten how effective this trick can be! I'd stashed my can of highlighters on a hidden shelf from last year and came across them recently. 
Plucking them down on the table led to lots of "What's that?"' and "Do we get to use those?" 
Having students highlight their names before they put their papers in the "turn in basket" can led to a HUGE decrease in no-name papers!
Kids go nuts for highlighters and I've found that they hardly EVER pass up a chance to use them.

5. Have you been to a painting party? This week my Mom and I attended one at a local winery and had SO much fun! We snacked, we sipped, we listened to classic Christmas music, and we created holiday paintings! Even though I love all things artsy and craftsy, I was seriously doubting my ability to be able to create something I didn't want to throw out the window on the way home. Much to my surprise, I was TOTALLY capable! 
I tried to remember to photograph the various stages of my painting.  Here's the metamorphosis!

That's paint on the plate...just in case you were wondering if that was a snack.

If you have the chance to attend one, please do! I can't wait for my next one! 

Cheers to the weekend!

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