Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tie-Dyed Turkeys!

In anticipation of Thanksgiving and the fact that we have a wonky week, we got our craft on yesterday and made tie-dyed turkeys!

Huge surprise here...the inspiration for this project came from PINTEREST! 

Here's what we did:

First, we read a Thanksgiving book- T is for Turkey by Tanya Stone. I love the vocabulary words in this book! We've been reading so many Thanksgiving books lately and I love to hear my students make connections. I made a big deal about learning something new from this book...I did not know that the Pilgrims' clothing was brightly colored. I'd just always assumed they wore the black & white outfits that I'd always seen in books. I've been duped! 

We followed up our book with a discussion about being thankful. It's kind of a hard concept for some of them, and I understand that. To explain what "thankful" means is tricky! We've had lots of talks about family, friendship, and being glad for everything that you have. 

I got them thinking about what they were thankful for and why. We started writing about the various things we were thankful for and the reasons why. Some struggled, some soared, and by the end, everyone had made a "sloppy copy", had a short editing session with me, and had produced a final copy that was worthy of a hallway display. They put their final copies in their "ketchup" folders (red folders in their desk for work they need to "catch up" on) and got ready to craft!

Everyone received a coffee filter and colored designs on them with fall-colored markers. 

When the students were done with their filters, they brought them back to the reading group table & folded them in half, and then in half again..a la snowflake style. A few sprays of water and a little squeezing to distribute water through the filter and they had some pretty cool creations!

While we waited for them to dry, we assembled our turkeys.
I distributed small pieces of brown construction paper and tracing guides (I've also seen this project done with a tracing of the child's foot, which would be adorable, but I am NOT up for painting feet!). Students traced their turkey bodies and made beaks from little scraps of orange construction paper. Paper punched circles made the black eyes. I love how they're all just a little different!

Luckily, the coffee filters dry pretty quickly...especially when placed on a layer of paper towels. When they dried, we assembled our projects!

 We stapled the final drafts of our writing onto the construction paper, and then glued the coffee filters to the top, as well as the turkey bodies. Out in the hallway they went! 

Aren't they cute?

I am thankful for the whole entire country. I am thankful for them because they keep me safe.

I am thankful for my family because I have a warm bed. I am thankful for my neighbor, Diane.
So sweet!

It started with a single "gobble gobble" and at one point, half of the class was "gobbling"! I just smiled & remembered how it felt to be a student doing crafts at her desk...especially right before a holiday break.
 The glue..the scissors...the excitement as the project took shape...and the fun!
Oh, to be a first-grader!
So thankful to be their teacher!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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