Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May Currently!

Back again for Farley's May Currently! I've really missed these monthly link-ups! Check out her page & if you're so inclined, I'd love for you to link up too! Here's what's on tap with ME!

Listening: Aaaah, I'm happy to say that my classroom is bordering on CHILLY this time of year. The air conditioning is strong and the days are hot! There's nothing better than coming in from a hot recess to a cool cool room! It's even better to enjoy it while your students are at special! :)

Loving: I can't say enough about how this weather is making me ten million kinds of happy right now. Even with the seasonal allergy woes, I'll take it. Everything is in bloom and I can't help but smile as I leave the house without a coat every morning. This horrendous winter really made me appreciate spring. 

Thinking: I'll be getting my first student teacher in the fall and I'm super excited! I'm glad I'll have all summer to prep and plan for her arrival. I had a wonderful student teaching experience in 2nd grade and want to provide that for my student teacher. She's coming to visit our classroom today before she leaves for home for the summer. 

Wanting: Did I mention I was hot? A purple snow-cone would be AMAZEBALLS right now!

Needing: Like I said, although the Mr. will beg to differ, I NEED some new spring pieces! Particularly short-sleeved shirts, capris, and sandals. Today was casual day..thank goodness! 

Summer yes, hope, dream: Oh, the OBX, how I love you! We've got a house in Duck in July and I can't WAIT to get there! I'm hoping to really build my doTerra Essential Oils business & team over the summer. I dream of taking a spontaneous romantic getaway with my husband sometime this summer. Even just hitting the road with no particular plan in mind sounds good! That's pretty much how we roll, anyway!

That's it! I can't wait to link up and read everyone else's posts!


Well, hello there! LONG time, no-see. Well, actually, that's not true. I've been SEEING you! Your blogs, your photos, and your anecdotes about life as a teacher. All of it. I'm seeing it and loving it. After a 17 month (for REAL? Wow!) hiatus, my defunct blog is BACK!  Why such a long break? To be honest, I was a little burnt out on blogging. It was starting to become a chore and not as much fun as it was when I started. I thought that my posts were lacking the enthusiasm that they had in my earlier times. I just needed a break. I didn't anticipate the break being THIS long, but that's okay. That's part of the journey that is this teaching career, I suppose.

Looking forward to the future, my plan is to chronicle the last few weeks of what's left of this school year. When summer comes, I'm looking forward to digging in to some of my favorite blogs & discovering new ones to follow. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with many of you!

Thanks for reading my update! It's so good to be back!