Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Brrrr! June Currently Comin' Atcha!

Holy Moly, Ohio is COLD! I know, I know, after coming through one of the harshest winters in a long time, none of us are really entitled to be complaining about 40-50 degree weather, but seriously, as I'm typing this my little bare feet are freezing and I've already had to stop and find a hoodie. 
Woe is me, let me tell ya! The way I see it, if the worst thing I have to comment on is the weather, I must be having a pretty good day! 

I'm linking up with Farley (LOVE her!) for this month's Currently! I'd love to meet her in real-life someday! You can link up too! Just head over to her page & join in the fun!

Listening: Seriously! The furnace is on! Well, WAS on! I decided to put on a sweatshirt & socks instead of listening to my gas bill go up! These are supposed to be the cheap months! 

Loving: I'm on break! The last couple of weeks were pretty hairy, but as always, I made it through with a smile and also as always, a few tears at our end of the year awards ceremony. Teaching is so emotional sometimes! You work hard with these kids all year with these big end-goals in mind. You see them become independent and many times, exceed your expectations. You get them right where you want them and BAM! They're off to the next grade and you're preparing yourself for a new crop of students. For someone like me who can cry at commercials, it's a little taxing at times. I need the summer months to re-organize, re-group, and re-charge. Viva la BREAK!

Thinking: Well, as I was whipping up my Currently, I was thinking about the coffee. It's since become a reality.  A hot, delicious reality. I've got big plans for my caffeine boost here in about 15 minutes...vacumming! Does the exclamation point make it sound exciting? Is that even possible?

Wanting: Wouldn't it be incredible if dogs could do laundry? I could teach Casey how to sort clothes, use the stain remover, and even fold towels! Ha! Who am I kidding? He'd climb right in that dryer full of warm towels and take a nap, If I could get myself into that dryer (and guarantee I could also get out...hehehe) I'd do the same thing. Nothing better than warm towels straight from the dryer!

Needing: I DO need a new swim suit. I'm dreading THAT shopping trip. Perhaps a few margaritas, pre-shopping, would guarantee a good mood and heap-loads of self-confidence. If nothing else, just a promise to be gentle with myself (and keeping said promise) will probably suffice.

Summer Lovin': Oh! So many things to look forward to! Getting my kayak out on the water! We live close to 2 fantastic lakes. Over the last couple of years lots of our friends bought kayaks too! So fun! There's also concerts a'plenty! We just returned from a day at the Nelsonville Music Festival and had SO much fun! I finally got to see Brandi Carlile and even saw Merle Haggard close out the fest! The Grateful Dead covered his song "Mama Tried" and it's always been a favorite! He also performed Pancho & Lefty. Score! We're also set up to see Mike Gordon (bassist from Phish) and Phish (in Ohio and Wisconsin). Summer music is what gets me through Ohio winters! We're also looking forward to a family trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in July/August. I love end of the summer trips. Something to look forward to all summer!

I love that Farley's huge heart is leading her to raise donations for Wimberly, TX, which, like so many other communities, has been ravaged by flood waters. If you're so inclined, please check out her page and see how you can help! I'm heading over right now to make my donation! 

That's it for now! Happy June!

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