Friday, June 16, 2017

OHM my Goodness!

I'd originally intended for this post to explain my Donors Choose project as a way of getting the word out and to help with donations towards getting it funded. I created a project titled: 

"Help My First-Graders Self-Regulate Through Mindfulness and Yoga"

I was requesting read aloud books, yoga sequence cards, reference books for teachers, and even a Tibetan Singing bell to help me implement mindfulness & yoga techniques in my classroom.

 I took a graduate course on the topic and the research blew me away! Meditation, mindfulness and yoga are POWERFUL! Particularly for kids with trauma & behavior difficulties. The simple, yet complex techniques have shown to have significant positive effects on both students AND teachers!  After last year, which was incredible behaviorally-challenging for our entire school, I began looking for ways to reach students that are somewhat "outside the box", at least the traditional box of classroom management & culture. 
I loved this class! 

A good friend passed this along to me. TOTS4LIFE!
Well, I had to throw that plan out the window because....

I'm thrilled to announce that full funding has ALREADY HAPPENED!

Hooray! Woohoo! Happy dancing going on over here! 

Thank you to everyone who supported this project! I'm forever humbled by friends & family who take money out of their own pockets for my projects. To know that they are cheering me on means so much! The final donation actually came from someone I don't even know! An ANGEL in Los Angeles donated the final $92 with a sweet note that she's so glad I'll be teaching kids about meditation and mindfulness. Wow!

I'll have materials in hand before the first day of school, which is so exciting, because I can start from the very beginning of the year. Of course, I'll update my progress here, as well!

Do you use any meditation, mindfulness, or yoga techniques in your classroom? Tell me about it!

Have you submitted a Donors Choose project? Leave me a comment about it, I'm interested to learn!